Poem A Day April 20th!!!

Hey guys! I'm going to start a new thing called Poem A Day!!! It will go on every day until I run out of poems, then it will depend how often I'll write one, but I'll probably continue it every day then too!!! Here's today's:

Teddy Bear

Teddy bear, teddy bear, you've got fur instead of hair!
You cannot run, or jump, or swim, but you're much more then a whim.
I stuffed you on my very own, and now you've got yourself a home!
To dance and play with other bears, 'cause now you haven't got a care!

I hope you guys liked that! Just so you know I was referring to my Build-A-Bears when I said "I stuffed you on my very own"! I have 4 poems left, but I'll write some more either tonight or tomorrow morning!


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