What I Think Of Kaya!!!

Today I'm doing Kaya!!! Thanks to NatKaya for requesting her!!! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings)
From AG:
Kaya: 1764
Kaya® is a daring, adventurous Nez Perce girl living in 1764. Her deep love of horses and respect for nature nourish her spirit, as she dreams of becoming a courageous leader for her people. She’s ready to meet whatever the future brings! Kaya draws strength from her family, the legends her elders tell, and the bold warrior woman who is her hero. And she learns that the choices she makes affect all Nez Perce people.

I love Kaya! She's so pretty! I love how long her hair is but I've heard rumers that her hair gets really tangled.

I really like her accessories, but their not that special, just a pouch, a tote bag, and some necklaces.

AWWWWWWWWWW!!! Tatlo is SOOOO cute!!! I really like the travois, it's really cool that it can hold Kaya's bedding!

Super cute! I love the cape, hood, mittens, and boots!!!

I love this! I find it so cool that Kaya used to make all her stuff so she had this craft kit!!!

I love this set! I love that almost all the historical characters have dolls!!! And the cradleboard is adorable!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE STEPS HIGH!!!!!!! If I was going to get a AG horse, I would probably get Steps High or the MAG horse!

Meh, AG could have done better.

Cute! I love the basket! And I LOVE the dress!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I especially love the bracelet! The hat and parfleche are really cute too!

Really cute! LOOK AT THOSE HUCKLEBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, look at how cheap AG's being. They took away the little stack of huckleberries! >:(

THIS, this is just amazing, I love how realistic the tepee looks and I LOVE the fire!

WOW. This looks so cheap compared to the other one.

Um, I just don't like animal skins. Even if their fake. I think it's cruel.
Ok, this is an ADORABLE dress even if it is one of those "Dresses Of Today"!!! I LOVE blue on Kaya! This is my second favorite piece in her collection (Steps High is my first)!!!

Yeah, this is pretty cute, I ADORE the shawl! Her braids look awesome!
Meh, white isn't really Kaya's color. I do really like it though!!!

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! LOOK AT THAT LITTLE BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also LOVE the bear and the deer!!!
Even though I like this one better on Kaya, I like the other one better in general. Super cute though!!!

Overall I give Kaya a B+!!! I really like her and most of her collection but she's had a few items in her collection (like the animal skins and the second tepee) that I think AG shouldn't have made. I do love her and most of her collection though!!!
Next up: Marisol!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, AG retired most of her stuff though. It's so sad that AG always retires the stuff from the dark skinned dolls' collections. Like Addy, Cecile, and Kaya.

  2. nice review! I'm not a big fan of Kaya though.

  3. I think AG could have done better on the white horse!

  4. Hi Dollygirl! I'm so glad I can comment on your blog again! Can you do a review of Lanie or McKenna? Your review is great and I totally agree with you about AG being cheap. :( I love your blog!

    1. Hi! Actually I already did Mckenna, here's the link:

      Sure I'll do Lanie! Thanks!

  5. :D -Kaya

    A+ on review, ;) But, I'm just going to put this out there, Kaya's hair won't get tangled if you take care of it, or keep it in braids, or both. :)


    1. Hi Kaya! ~Kit

      Thanks! Cool!

  6. And I love that one dress of today too! Urgh, AG, why did you have to retire it??? ;) :P


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