New Year's Eve Party!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! Here are some shots of my dolls having a New Year's Eve party!!!!!!!

The beautiful Kit!!!

Yup, she's wearing the tie top from Nicki's Tie Top and Shorts outfit! I went to my friend's house last week and she and her little sister were so excited that I got an AG (Her little sister has Nicki and she has #39) that her little sister loaned me this top and the Addy's Sunday Best dress!!!

I printed out an invatation!!!
Kit was having dessert! The animal cookies are just little animal crackers, and the gingerbread is just gingerbread cut down to size!

Like the place setting? More to come on that soon!

Seriously, doesn't this candle look just like the one from Kit's Holiday Baking Set?

Isn't this cute? I got the printable to make this banner, some party hats, and some noise makers here!!!

Like the punch bowl? I made it by taking an old candle that was in this glass bowl, I cut off the wick, and my mom made a ladle by taking a little doll cup and a birthday candle and wrapping them in tin foil!

Here's Crissy! And that is the outfit she got for her birthday!

I made candy canes by twisting two different colors of pipecleaner together!!!

Abby! I had so much fun posing them!

And the buffet table!!! The pizza is just pictures of pizza on top of lids! I made the pretzals!

My mom made the cups by taking empty cream cups (from resturants) And painting them turqouise! Would you like to see how to make furniture like this stand and the buffet table? Comment and let me know!

This is the dessert. My mom made the brown star cookies, the cake is a hunk of wood from some building blocks, the two containers of square cookies are gingerbread and graham crackers cut down to size, and the animal cookies are the animal crackers I was talking about!!!

Like the table? More to come on that soon!!!

Crystal! What do you think she looks like with her hair in a ponytail?

Oops! Looks like the girls fell asleep!

And right before midnight too!!!

And as a special surprise, here's some more pictures of Kit!

Sooo, do you love her yet? xD

Did you guys like this? Remember to comment and tell me if you want to see how to's on how to make doll furniture! Please do not take my pictures without giving me credit! If you read this whole post comment dinosaurs!


  1. Dinosaur! XD Ooh, Kit's a cutie!

  2. OOH please make "How To's"! Cute poste!

    1. I will! Which first, the buffet table, or wooden furniture?

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time! Kit looks nice and I love Crissy's dress! We had a pajama party for New Year's Eve. It was fun. Happy New Year Crissy, Abby, Crystal and Kit!

    1. They did! Thanks! That would be so awesome! :)

  4. dinosaurs!!
    Kit is SO cute! Kit, 55, and Ruthie are the next dolls on my oh-so-very-long-it-would-take-you-an-hour-to-read- wishlist. xD

  5. DINO DINO DINO DINO (one for each time i've read this post)! You should do one of your reveiw thingys of Saige.

    1. LOL, I will! Which do you want me to do a How To of first, the buffet table, or wooden furniture?


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