How to make a doll baking counter/buffet table/oven/fridge!!!

Hi! Here is one of the easiest doll crafts in history! How to make a buffet table/baking counter with built in oven and fridge! You can make a buffet table in 3 steps and a baking counter with built in oven and fridge in 3 steps too!

How to make a buffet table:

You'll need:
A magazine holder
A pretty napkin or piece of cloth (I used a napkin with a winter print)
Doll food

1. Get one of these:

It's a magazine holder. Ignore the ice cream containers for now.

2. Take it and put it where you want your buffet space to be.

3. Put a decorated napkin or a piece of cloth over it. Put food on top!

And you're done!

How to make a baking counter with built in oven and fridge:

You'll need:
Another magazine holder
Two clean and empty ice cream containers
Doll baking supplies

1. Take your magazine holder and your ice cream containers. Stick the ice cream containers inside the magazine holder like this:

2. Take a bit of tape and secure the ice cream containers inside the magazine holder.

3. Set up your doll baking supplies.

I hope you have fun making these! If you have any questions then comment and ask me.


  1. Cool! I might make one soon!

  2. so cute!!! I really love cooking little doll foods so this is the perfect craft for me!!

  3. Cute how much were the magazine holders?

    1. My mom sort of answered you below, I'm guessing they would be about two dollars, maybe a dollar. :)

  4. Dollygirl's mom attempts to answer that last question: those are actually desktop hanging file bins (also called open file boxes). You can buy them in office supply stores or in other stores that sell office supplies. We've had ours for so long that I don't remember what they cost. You're not damaging them by using them for doll tables (unless you spray paint them or something), so if the dolls don't need them anymore, they can go back to being file bins.

    Our bins have extra-large cutout areas on the ends and on the sides. But many of the file bins out there don't, and you wouldn't be able to use the more closed-up style with the ice cream containers. They would still work as tables, though.


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