AGMarket Tag!!!

Hey! AGMarket at http://livelifewithyouragdoll.blogspot.ca/ posted this and I thought I would do it! So here we go!

1.    Favorite doll.
2.    Least favorite doll.
Um... I pretty much like all dolls!
3. Wishlist.
Lindsey, Ruthie, Molly, Emily, a MAG and the list pretty much goes on forever xD
4.    Favorite AG outfit
Ooh that’s hard…um…I have too many favorites!
5.    Favorite pair of doll shoes.
The AG Garden Boots.
6.     Do you think AG has good quality?
Yup! Definitely!
7.    Do you shop at any other 18 inch stores?
I buy Springfield.
8.    Have you found any AG doll at Goodwill?
9.    Savers?
10.              Thrift shopping?
OH YEAH! Too many things to name!
11.              Antique store?
12.              Flea Market?
13.              On sale?
The Springfield Blue Tennis Shoes for $1.49
14.              EBAY?
Um…Polly Pocket shoes when I was little xD
15.              Craigslist?
16.              From a friend?
Um…my friend said she might give me some AG stuff…she gave me the catalog!
17.              Best AG Christmas gift ever?
18.              Why do you like American girl?
Because it’s awesome.
19.              How many dolls do you have?
Like AG? 1 AG, but if you mean 18 inch then 4.
do you LOVE AG? Or do you LIKE AG?
21.              Best Ebay auction you have ever bought {for dolls}.
22.              Do you have a lot of  doll things on your Craigslist? Or a little? I’ve never been on Craigslist.
 23.              Favorite doll piece of furniture?
Like one that I have? My table and chairs.
24.              Favorite historical?
 25.              Favorite MAG?
 26.              American Girl most uniqueness factor?  Girl Of The Year!
 27.              Do you shop on Etsy?
 28.              Do your dolls have pierced ears?
No. But I have stick-on Springfield earrings for Abby.
29.              Do you LOVE Springfield?
 30.              Thoughts on Springfield.
 31.              Have you ever shopped at DreamWorld Collections, Pen-Pal Girls, My Dolls Life, etc? Nope.
 32.              Do you sew for dolls?
Sometimes, mostly my mom does though.
 33.              Easiest craft for dolls?
Cinnamon rolls.
 34.              Do you have a doll house?
I have a space in my room.
35.              Where do you get the furniture?
My family and I make it.
 36.              Are you a crafty person?
 37.              Ever been in a craft trade?
 38.              Have a Youtube?
 39.              If so, what do you post on it?
I don’t have one.
 40.              Any other social media accounts?
I have an email and some virtual worlds.
 41.              Do your friends have AG dolls?
A couple. Some have Karito Kids and Mapleleas though.
 42.              What would you do If you saw an AG doll hiding in the stuffed animal section of Goodwill? Walk slowly over, or SCREAM???? Gasp and race over and snatch it up!
43.              Do you like extras for your dolls? {ribbons, watches, etc} Totally!
 44.              Have you ever done a review? Um on something that a company gave me? No.
 45.              Won a giveaway, {please be specific!} No, but I did get a doll diairies t-shirt once.
46.              Bought anything from an AG store? Nope.
 47.              If so, which one? Nope.
 48.              Do you have a creative tee? No. 
 49.              Ever had a personal shopper? No.
 50.              What outfit is on your newest doll? A crocheted top, tan pants, a black headband, and blue tennis shoes.
 51.              Last time you dressed your dolls? Yesterday.
 52.              Have any doll pets? Yup! No AG pets though.
 53.              Your thoughts on AG pets? Expensive.
 54.              Do you have an Innerstar U? No.
 55.              Name your favorite five blogs! Ooh soooooooo hard, can I name ten? Doll Diaries, American Girl and Other Awesomeness, Delaney Loves American Girl, My Doll’s Lives, Never Too Old For Dolls, American Girl Fan, Natalia Loves AG, American Girl Reviews, Doll Crazy, Courtney and The Dolls!
 56.              What do you not like in a blog?
When someone forgets to punctuate EVERYTHING!
 57.              Favorite blog design, EVER? IDK.
 58.              Have any My Generation stuff in your collection? No.
 59.              What about Madam Alexander? I have some mini dolls.
 60.              Do you have another 18 inch doll brand type doll? Three of ‘em!
 61.              Favorite picture you have ever taken!! IDK.
 62.              Your thoughts on American Girl? LOVE!
 63.              What would you do differently if you owned AG? Lower prices.
 64.              What is the max on dolls for you? NO MAX!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA! Well, I guess in till my parents tell me to stop.
 65.              Are you a collector, or??
66.              Do you know a collector? No.
67.              Do {or did} any AG events? No.
 68.              Have you been awarded an award? I have won some Guess It’s and stuff.
 69.              How about a Doll Diaries Spotlight sight? No…I REALLY wanna be one though.
 70.              Favorite Youtube channel? Basilmentos.
 71.              What do you like to watch the most? on Youtube? Basilmentos.
 72.              Favorite AG movie? Kit’s.
 73.              Least favorite? I love all of them! Except I haven’t seen McKenna’s or Chrissa’s.
 74.              Best blogger friends! Jordy, Del, Courtney, Samantha (toygirl02), Natalia, Janna-Mandy, Madz, and Nina!
 75.              Was this fun for you? Yup!


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