Kit's Fancy Dinner!!!

Hey! Here is a photo story:

Kit loves to bake!

Kit had a great idea when she was eating her breakfast! She could invite Abby over for a fancy dinner!

She started to get ready!

She decided to use all her favorite dishes!

She started to make her famous cookies...

...Chocolate Stars!

She put them on a baking tray...

...And popped them in the oven!

She iced a cake with pink frosting!

Her cookies are done!

She mixed up some Kool-Aid!

Now for some bread, add one egg...

Abby's here!

Kit's super excited!

It looks delicious!


It looks like they had perogies, pizza, bread and butter, pretzals, and sausage!

I hope you guys liked it! This is my 4th post today! Check out the posts underneath!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and how did you get the picture thing to work?

    1. Thanks! Well, I'm using something called Internet Explorer, but we also have Google Chrome, so I tried using Google Chrome and the pictures worked and it was super fast!

  2. SO cute! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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