Turning off anonymous comments.

Hey guys! I'm really sorry, but I have to turn off the anonymous comments. I've been getting like 50 a day, and they all say the same thing pretty much, "I have been searching for 4 hours for an article like this. Keep up the great work! Check out my blog: pizzarizzi!" Well, not exactly like that, but pretty close. So I'll be leaving the anonymous comments on for today to let you all comment and ask any questions you have, or enter my guess it's, or my Caption That Doll Picture (pleaseeeeeeeeee) but then tomorrow morning I'll be turning them off. I'm really sorry! Also I won't be going to the thrift store tomorrow, and I didn't go last week because I went to a friends house. I might have some photos of Kit baking with the new baking set tonight or tomorrow!


  1. You gotta do what you gotta do! Lol You are totally right!

  2. Hello!!! I am so sad that you have to do that!!! Oh, and I think I know a new photo editing place!!! Ribbit!!!
    And will you enter my guess it??? My blog is www.agreviewsbyedye.blogspot.com

  3. Aw, okay Dollygirl. I guess I can't comment anymore. I'll miss that. I love your blog! :,(

    1. I'm really sorry, I just get so many spam comments every day... maybe you can get a Google account? I'm leaving anonymous on for this morning. :D

  4. That's awful! I can't believe how many you were getting, and how they used that lovely compliment to mark the horrid thing they were doing to your blog. I'm really sorry it happened!


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