Saige, yes's and no's!

Saige is here!!!


Her hair is really pretty
She has earrings
She loves horses
She loves art
All her outfits are gorgeous
I love her accessories


She has curly hair (hard to manage)
AG raised the price to $110 :(
The horses bridle isn't even on properly (they tucked the hair into the top part)
The horse is $94 :(
I would pretty much want her whole collection (minus the hot air balloon) and it adds up to $531.89 :(
She's Kit with a different wig (she has the same eyes and the same freckle pattern)

Sooooo yeah. I'm probably not getting her. I wish, but now I think I want somebody else, someone that doesn't look like Kit. By the way though, everybody on Doll Diaries and stuff were saying she's a cross between Felicity and Nicki, who cares? Felicity's retired and Nicki's a long gone GOTY!!!


  1. I totally agree with you on everyting you said. Actually curly doll hair isn't super hard to manage. It's just it takes quiet a while to refinger curl it after you brush it out.

    1. Really? That's awesome! Cause I really want a curly haired doll!!!

  2. Yeah i totally agree! although other than Mia all the freckled dolls have the same freckle pattern

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  4. her hair actually isn't curly, it's wavy which means you can brush it.
    Other than that, I agree!

  5. I hate to sound mean and all, but I really don't understand why everyone is giving Saige a bad rap. I like her.

    1. I really like her too. I would probably get her if I hadn't gotten Kit for Christmas! I didn't mean to give her a bad rap, I just wish AG hadn't used Kit's eyes. I mean, I love them, but I think she should have her own eye color. I think her eyes should be aqua. :)

  6. She is a great doll! I recommend her...

  7. I did Dollygirl today. The line to get in the store was super duper luper long!!!

    1. Lucky! Do you have a blog? If you don't you should start one! If you do give me the link!!! xD

  8. Replies
    1. You should TOTALLY start one! I'd be looking at it 24/7!!!


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