Entry For Contest!!!

Hi guys! This is my entry for the contest held by Onedolloutthere and The Doll Crafters! Click here to enter!!! I wrote this, so nobody steal it! :) It's about my life as a doll! By the way, the Italic part is me thinking.

My Life As A Doll

By Dollygirl

I was in dreamland, a magical unicorn picked me up and-"BUZZZZZZZZZ!" oh no, it was that stupid alarm clock for the humans, it always woke me up too. I heard shouts of "Come on, we have to get the concert early to get tickets!" and "Alright, alrighttttttt I'm coming..."! I was scooped up, given a quick hug, and the footsteps retreated down the stairs. I heard the door slam shut. Wait a second...did this mean I was...HOME ALONE?! I opened one eye to check. All clear, no humans! I sprang out of the cardboard box with the mini quilt that was my bed, and ran to the window. The car was driving away! I was alone! I ran to the end of the Big Bed and with a lot of effort managed to pull the lid off of a Rubbermaid box. I yanked it onto the landing, and put it at the top of the stairs! I cautiously sat down, then I gave myself a little push! Down I flew, going faster then the speed of light! I landed with a thud at the foot of the stairs, and ran into the kitchen for something to eat. Ick, they really needed to go shopping! Oh well, I'd just make pancakes. The pancakes were a little tricky to make, but I managed to make a couple and get everything cleaned up. I ate the delicious pancakes, they were heavenly! But then, I heard a car door slam. I gasped, and stuffed the rest of my pancake in my mouth. I grabbed the Rubbermaid lid and dragged it up the stairs. I threw it on quickly, and flopped down into my bed. Wow, I had made it. And just in time too, I heard footsteps approaching...I smiled to myself as I thought about what a wonderful morning I  had had!

Hope you like it!


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