New Releases From American Girl!!!

Hi! I'm a little late on doing this (these items came out a little while ago) but anyways, here goes!

This locker is pretty cute! But you'd need a bunch to make a little school for your dolls, and then that money would really add up fast!

I love this! It looks so warm and cosy!

This is pretty cute! It matches with the jacket nicely!

A doll carrier for mini dolls! So cute!

I love this! And I think it's a great idea (I think there's like elastics to hold your doll in like a seatbelt) but lots of other bloggers are saying that they wouldn't ever put their dolls in it.

She's cute, but she looks a lot like #39 and a lot like #35!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to put this new ad in, because it's so awesome! American Girl is finally reaching out to Canada! I've been emailing them for about a year begging them to have a giveaway for a doll in which Canadians can enter and asking them to include Canada more and now they are! WOOHOO! :D

OH.MY.GOODNESS. This has to be my favorite AG release ever! This doll looks EXACTLY LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you American Girl! I've been waiting for a doll that looks exactly like me for years! :)

This is adorable!

It's nice!

Ugh. Seriously American Girl? Do you know that you just made an outfit that looks almost exactly like Build-A-Bears funky witch outfit? And why are you releasing a Halloween outfit in the summer?

This is perfect! I hope to get it someday!!!

This is cute, I'm not a big fan of the outfit, but the hairband and the pet set are cute!

This is so cute! I love it!

Adorable! But...probably expensive :(

So cute! I love it! The skirt looks a bit like the one from Kit's meet outfit though, so since I have it, I'll probably never get it.

I love this! It's adorable!!!

So cute! Really trendy!

Now, a lot of people are saying they hate this, but I think they are completely wrong! This outfit is beautiful! I want it!

This is cute! I love the book!

Cute, but I'd want the food to come out.

Adorable! These would go perfectly with Saige's Tunic Outfit!

I love these! I want them in my size!

These are cute! I'd like to have them!

Awesome! Clip hangers!

I love this set, but the socks look like something Samantha should wear. They're adorable, but they don't belong in the MAG collection! The others are perfect though!
These are pretty! Purple is my favorite color!

These are cute!


I really want the light one on the left end for Kit!

These are cute, but they look kind of big on the doll.

Adollable! But I bet I could make one myself.



This one's my favorite!

I love this one too though!

Cute! Overpriced, but cute!

I love this! But I think that they should have used the new blue shoes instead of those pink ones, they don't even match!

This was definitely one of my favorite AG releases ever! I'm so happy that they released a doll that looks exactly like me, and I'm really glad that they're reaching out to Canadians too!


  1. I love the mint green top with capri leggings!

  2. I agree with you 100% on everything!

  3. Their not really reaching out to us (Canada) now only SOME items can ship not all :(

    1. Yeah, but there's a rumor going around that they're going to open a store in Canada! If they do, maybe we can meet up!

    2. For real!!! YAY!! But don't you live near the Great Lakes I live on the other side of Canada :(

    3. Yeah, I do. Well, maybe someday :(

  4. I I agree with you on everything! I'm so glad AG is reaching out to Canada!

  5. Dollygirl, you should save up and buy that doll who looks like you sometime! She's so pretty!


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