Happy Independence Day By Kit and Samantha!!!

Kit: Blue
Samantha: Red

Happy Independence Day! Happy Independence Day! It's Samantha and Kit here to say Happy 4th of July! Dollygirl said we should do the post, because that little post saying "Yeah, Happy 4th, even though I'm Canadian" just didn't cut it! Because we're still kind of Americans even though we moved to Canada! So we're here to wish you...


We do miss America sometimes, but we've really cheered up because American Girl now has Canadian catalogs! And a Canadian ad! And a Canadian sweepstakes! So maybe sometime in the near future American Girl will build a store right here is Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're so excited! Dollygirl is planning on requesting the catalogs, and if a store opens in Canada, hopefully it will open in Ontario! And then maybe we could go! Well, anyways, HAPPY INDEPEDENCE DAY!!!!!! Yeah, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! Would you like us to post again? Comment below and tell us! Bye! Bye!



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  1. :D My dolls say it would be awesome if you posted again!

    1. Great! Tell Fey and Celeste hello for us!
      ~Kit and Samantha

  2. Hey dollygirl, I had a problem with google+ and deleted my account and rejoined and I can't find how to add you back as a friend. Do you want to add me back? I still don't really know how to use it much.

  3. I'd love if you could post again! Happy 17th! (I'm a little late:))


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