2 In 1 Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

Hi! Here's yesterday's and last week's Thrift Store Wednesdays! I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of the new furniture I got for my dollhouse! Oh well, I'll post them some other time! Oh yeah, and I managed to find some spare time to post this (you know, my last post said I wouldn't be posting until Saturday)!

Here's what I got yesterday (minus the dollhouse furniture):

I got a Disney Princess puzzle! Oh, and if you're wondering why Aurora looks funny it's because it's one of those puzzles where there's different pictures when you look at it from different angles!

And a Disney Princess storage bin! I'm going to use it for some of my summery toys!

And an AWESOME Disney Princess Cinderella ball (If you haven't noticed, I love Disney Princesses)!

Here's another part of it!

Left to right: A Build-A-Bear bag, a butterfly Slinky, and a plush Mazin' Hamster for Crystal!

And a ballerina Barbie, I'm going to name her either Courtney or Trinket! Comment which you think!

She has a GORGEOUS tutu!

I love her unique face!

And a Polly Pocket horse and rider! I love horses!

Left to right: A Littlest Pet Shop dog, Littlest Pet Shop mouse, and a McDonalds toy!

Left to right: A Polly Pocket dress, Polly Pocket shirt, another Polly Pocket shirt, Courtney/Trinket's brush, a PP (Polly Pocket) brush, a bottle xD, a PP hat, a LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) box of bones, and something that I'm not quite sure what it is!

A horse carriage for I think My Little Pony!

Left to right: A McDonalds PP, a little vintage doll for Crissy, a Strawberry Shortcake that originally came in a pool set, and a PP with a messed up face (my rescue project, she didn't come with the clothes, I already had them), and another PP, this one with no hair (my other rescue project, she didn't come with the clothes either)!

A LPS pet carrier!

And a Disney Princess stool for my room!

And on a side note, my library book! It's all about building stuff out of wood though, which I'm no good at!

The stuff I got last week:

Another mini Kit! Yay! My dad is really enjoying her!

This is Barbie and Stacy!

I love Barbie pleasant and pretty face!

I love Stacy's mischievous grin, and her cute little freckles!!!

And these are the best friends, Barbie and Stephanie!

Stephanie, look at the camera!

That's better!

The riding pants, brown leggings, black leggings, silver leggings, jeans...

...the purple skirt, denim skirt, white shorts, pink shirt, and purple white I <3 Music top... and white tutu, blue shrug, pink shrug, silver shrug...

...brown fringe boots, silver jacket, blue arm warmers, blue visor, brown belt... sunglasses, silver sunglasses, makeup brush... sandals, pink shoes, and silver shoes!

A close up of Belle (I know I got this yesterday, but the pictures ended up appearing at the end for some reason)!

A close up of Aurora!

And a close up of Cinderella!

Missy, Chemy...

...Sparkles, Pika (yes, from the Kanani books!), Rocky...

...Marshmallow, and Starburst (yes, after Chrissa's llama!)!

And a mini Malibu Barbie (why is this sideways?) for Crissy!!!

Hope you liked my Thrift Store Wednesday! Bye!


  1. I loved your Thrift Store Wednesday! :). You got some great finds! :). I think Courtney for your Barbie's name. :D

  2. Lucky duck! The Barbie you got this week I have too!!! Her name is Courtney you should name Courtney to

    1. Yep! Awesome!!!!!!!! Yeah, I think I will! :D

  3. Here is the list of stuff we need to price!
    3 desks
    1 table
    1 side table
    A bunch of clothes
    4 chairs
    1 New Easy Bake oven
    1 Cupcake maker
    I'll comment more stuff later.


    1. Hmmm...well, the desks could be about $30-$40 dollars, depending on the condition, the table could be like $25, and the side table could be $10. The clothes kind of depend on what brand they are, the condition, and what they are. Like...maybe $2-$3 for a Walmart (like a cheapish brand) t-shirt! And say a nice dress could be like $10-$15 dollars! Jeans would be about $5-$10 dollars, depending on if their faded or not. The chairs could be like $10-$20 dollars, the oven could be about $30, and the cupcake maker could be like $15! Hope this helps! I'm used to pricing things at the thrift store, so I know a lot of the prices!

  4. You are soooo lucky! Those are some awesome finds!

  5. Courtney/ Tristan is one of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I'm almost positive. Look at her leg and see it there's any buttons-the Twelve Dancing Princesses have dresses that turn like they're twirling.

    1. I think you're right! I think I remember her from the movie! Nope, no buttons!

  6. Hey! I have that Malibu Barbie too! And my doll mom has a full sized one.

    1. Groovy! Dollygirl's on the lookout for a full size one!


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