I Won A Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I won the giveaway a while ago, but haven't had time to post about it! Sorry! But anyways, I won Grace from It's My Life By Grace's 75 Follower Goal giveaway!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Grace! Check out her blog here!!!

I won this outfit (which includes a skirt, shirt, vest, and purse), a hat, a headband, and 6 doll juice boxes!

Here's a closeup of the hat! I love it!!!

And a closeup of the purse! I love the way the whole outfit matches! Every piece is so unique but when you combine them all they look amazing!!!

I absolutely ADORE the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The juice boxes are soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The headband is so awesome! I use a lot of headbands on Kit and it's really going to come in handy around here!!! And I LOVE the flower with the pearl in the middle!

I also got a silly band!

And here's the hat when it's not on Kit! The flower is so cute! And it was so awesome that almost everything I got was blue! Everything looks so pretty together!

Here are all of the juice boxes! There's orange, grape, apple, strawberry-banana, punch, and blueberry!

This is our new picnic table! Our old one was falling apart! And you can see all of the goodies spread out!

Here are the labels from everything!

And the outfit again, because it's so cute!

The note from Grace!

Kit loves everything!

Thank you so much Grace!

Kit on the swing (sorry, I got a little of my dad's arm in the corner)!

Kit loves our apple trees!

I <3 this photo! 

Oh, the outfit also included a gorgeous handmade friendship bracelet for Kit!

Kit posing against a tree!

I love the way all these photos turned out! The lighting was just right outside!

And Kit against the thing on the tree where it shows how old it is! 

Thanks again to Grace and all of her wonderful sponsors, who made these beautiful things!!!!! Oh, and yesterday I found American Girl Snooze-A-Palooza (the sleepover book!) for 50 cents at a yard sale!


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