It's Amazing!!!

I've just been looking at the past (almost) two years I've had this blog for, and it's really changed!

Let's start by looking at my photography:

2010 (I didn't have my blog then, but I almost did so I thought I'd show a picture)

Oh my gosh! I think this finger? LOL!


Here is Pearl Blaire I'm guessing the day after Christmas! I think you can definitely say I improved from the last photo, but this is super blurry! ;)


I'm better, but look! You can see my dad's foot in the corner! And Abby's face looks really strange!

2013 (I'll share a couple, because it's the current year)


I also learned about Macro Mode this year!

<3 <3 <3 :D

You can most definitely see an improvement! I mean, compare the 2010 to the 2013s! Big difference! ;)

Now, some posts to compare:

Pretty cool, huh?

My main difference is the change in my doll family! When I first started my blog:

I had Crystal and Crissy (who were having a spa day when this photo was taken!)!

And now:

Um...I don't actually have a picture of all my dolls together! So just click here to go to the Meet The Dolls page! I have Crystal, Crissy, Abby, Kit, and Samantha! (And soon Taryn!!!)!

And when I started the blog, I think I was 10! But now I'm 12! This blog has changed so much! I have 59 followers, this is my 200th post, and...MY BLOGOVERSARY IS IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!! YAY!!! I might have a giveaway for a blog button or something! Keep your eyes open for more posts about this!

Stuff I did in the past two years:
Learned to swim
Got my first AG doll
Got my second AG doll
Missed my first Blogoversary :(

And there's tons more, but I'm not going to go on and on and on! Now, if you comment on my Blogoversary and remind me about it (I am NOT going to miss it this year!) then I'll give you a shout-out! Also, on my Blogoversary I'm going to have a question and answer (not a vlog, they're too much work)! So you can start asking questions now! :D

And one more thing to thank all of you AMAZING people for...24,285 pageviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's growing every second! You guys are truly amazing, thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3


  1. Can you do an updated room tour of your 18 inch dolls?

    1. Well, nothing's really changed much, but I will when I get Taryn! Because then I'll have to make a room for her!

  2. Neat! You certainly are learning new things. Keep up the good work!

  3. Aww this perfect I wish to be successful as you in a year

    1. You definitely will! You'll be better!

  4. Replies
    1. It's like a super-duper close up mode on a camera!

    2. Ohh! I see! Do you have your own camera? I don't. We used to have a really good one, but my little brother broke it and it wasn't worth getting fixed, so I'm asking for one for Christmas. I hope that my parents don't think it's too expensive for a present :p


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