Teenie Beanie Boppers!!!

Hi! Today I'm doing a post on what I collect (besides 18 inch dolls)!

These are Teenie Beanie Boppers! I hang them on a pegboard in my room! They're so cute!
Left to Right top row: Sweet Sally, Sassy Star, Magic Molly, Glitzy Gabby (wearing a Barbie dress, I haven't found one in the original outfit yet), Snazzy Sabrina, and Cool Cassidy (my first)!
Left to Right second row: Midfield Mandy, Caring Carla, Playful Peggy, Dear Debbie, Beautiful Belle, Pretty Penny, and Classy Cassie!
Left to Right third row: Midfield Mandy (I have two), American Millie, Glitzy Gabby (again, in a Barbie dress), Witty Windy, Snappy Cindy, Jazzy Jessie, and Pretty Penelope!
Left to Right bottom row: Pretty Penny (in a handmade outfit), Glitzy Gabby (in a Midfield Mandy t-shirt), Paula Plappertasche, Footie, Rugged Rusty, and Hat Trick Hunter!
You can see them all by clicking here! Oh, and if you noticed any wearing scarfs, I crocheted them!


  1. My doll mom has these hanging in our toyroom. We don't have as many as you do, but it's pretty close!

  2. Sabrina! I am your doll! Lol!


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