Hey guys! I'm back from my break! My birthday party went really well! Here's a picture of one of the loot bags:

We bought doll sized tote bags (in different colors, this is just the green one, there was also pink, purple, and blue), star shaped necklaces filled with bubble stuff, mini erasers, and some little strawberry candies (sorry, we bought them after I took the picture), and then I made (in different colors for each loot bag) a necklace, a horseshoe (we played horseshoes later on), and a red fan! Then my mom crocheted matching hair bows for girls and dolls (the doll ones weren't done yet)!

I mastered the Saige twist (sorry for the dark photo)!!!!! It looks really good on Crissy! Do you want a tutorial?

Ok, so that was just my little "I'm back!" post, but I've got some posts in draft that I'm working on (including pictures of Samantha, a doll room tour, a WITO on Josefina, and a review of the Chrissa movie!!!) so be on the look out for more posts really soon!!! Oh, and here's what I got at my birthday party:

I got the Springfield silver purse!!!!!

And this outfit!!! It doesn't come with the shoes and hair thing though!

Apples to Apples Junior!!! For those of you who don't know, Apples to Apples is a really fun card game that you can get for all ages!

And (this is NOT my photo, it belongs to someone on eBay) this teddy bear!

I also got a calender thing that has stuff like "to do list" and "daily doodle" and stuff!!! I had a really great birthday party!!!


  1. Happy B day! FYI: I am back! My family bet me to go 2 weeks without internet! I did it! I will be back on the internet! My mom said if I could do it I can get an AG outfit! Yeah! I missed you!

    1. YAY! I missed you!!!!! Good for you! What AG outfit are you going to get? :D

    2. Saige's sweater outfit!

  2. I have the purse and I LOVE it!


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