Doll Room Tour!!!!!!!!!

And here's the tour of my doll room you've all been waiting for!!!

The Living Room

This is the living room!!!

On the wall (A.K.A the side of my dresser) there's a TV (Doll Diaries craft) and some posters. You may notice the posters throughout the house, they're from Doll Diaries! I also have a table (which is a container with an embroidered handkerchief over it, with some books in a bag, and a vase with fake flowers in it! You can also see that underneath my dresser I have a couple of doll food items!

This is the other side of the living room. It has a Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear couch (from the thrift store), a foot stool (from the thrift store), and a couch that my mom made!!! There's also a couple posters and calenders and stuff!

The Dining Room

This is the table and chairs! My mom made the table and all the chairs except for the little one with the lacy covering, that one I got at the thrift store! Oh, and the leopard print thing on one of the chairs is just a piece of fabric!

The Bedroom

This is the bunkbed that Crissy and Kit share! My dad and I made it! If you want a tutorial comment below!!! Most of the bedding is handmade by my mom!

I just piled up some wooden blocks for a nightstand and then put Kit's snowglobe (I found it at Giant Tiger for like 25 cents), Abby's glasses, and two cups!

This is the bunkbed that Crystal and Abby share! By the way, I was thinking about maybe switching the girls around, who should go with who in the bunkbeds? I was thinking maybe I'd keep Crissy in the bunkbed she's in (so she can keep her Wall of Grooviness), and maybe put Crystal in the bottom bunk of it. And then Abby and Kit would share the other one (you'll see where Samantha sleeps later on in the post), and take turns being on the top! What do you think? Should I just keep them as they are? Again, almost all the bedding is handmade by my mom!!!

The Fancy Dresses

And here are some of the fanciest dresses I have, I keep them hung up (on Build-A-Bear hangers) on the edge of my bulletin board!  

Samantha's Room

This is the ladder rails going up to my loft bed! You can see through them to Samantha's room!!!

This is the overview of Samantha's room!!!

This is the chair I made! Comment below if you want a tutorial!!! I got the book at the thrift store!

And this is the dresser I made her! Again, comment below for a tutorial!!!

On the dresser I put a little towel I made, a doll bowl from a yard sale, with a little pitcher from a tea set, a comb and brush (which are just there to look at, they're not the right kind to use on her hair), and a little vase with fake flowers in it!

This is my CD holder with a little wooden box and her books on top!

The books are a mini copy New Testament and a mini copy of The Wizard of Oz!

Inside the wooden box is:
Left to right top row: A paper fan, a seashell, a piece of stained glass, and a hair ribbon!
Left to right middle row: A bag with little pieces of fabric in it (meant to be a scrap bag), three Little Women paper dolls, and a necklace!
Left to right bottom row: Another necklace, and some little odds and ends (a silk heart, a sparkly thing off of an earring, a couple seashells, and a sparkly thing off of an hair thing)!

These are her toys:
Left to right: A Madame Alexander The Wizard of Oz Dorothy McDonald's toy, a little porcelain fairy doll, a little teddy bear, a handmade doll, and a Madame Alexander Bridesmaid McDonald's toy!

I made the pillows and pillowcases!

This is her dog (one of my stuffed animals) named Coconut, and a little wooden cradle with a Sunshine Family baby doll in it!

The white blanket is a pillowcase and the pink blanket is just a piece of fabric!

And here's Samantha sitting on her chair!!!

The Closet

This is the inside of my closet (I keep most of my clothes in drawers)! And this is the stuff piled up on top of the little cupboard where I keep my doll clothes! There's a ton of Build-A-Bear cartons, a Polly Pocket case, a couple of Dawn Doll cases (they were my mom's), a hanging stuffed animal thing (you can't really see it), a rag doll, a hatbox, slippers, and a Dora backpack!

And this is the white cupboard all that stuff is piled up on! You can see some of my doll stuff inside!

The Kitchen

In one corner I have the baking table!

And in another corner I have the fridge!

The inside of the fridge, sorry it's so messy!

And I have a little box with some clay food inside which has red gems on top that I use to "heat" the teapot!

And in a box in my room I have my mini dolls, Kit and Molly!!!

I hope you liked my doll room tour!!! Comment below if you want to know where I got something or want a tutorial for it!!!


  1. Cute! Live to see how to make a chair!

  2. I would like the tutorials for the dresser and chair, please! ;)

  3. Cool! Can you email me your email for the book club? :DD I accidently deleted your email :P


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