Stopping Create-A-Dolls.

Hey guys, I'm afraid I have bad news. I have to stop doing Create-A-Dolls. Yeah, it's because Picmonkey has stopped their free stuff. I'll leave the page up for a while so you guys can look at the Create-A-Dolls, I'm looking for another free photo editing place, tell me if you have any suggestions. Oh, by the way, if you're commenting as an anonymous PLEASE sign your name or screen name at the bottom so I know who you are. I've been getting A LOT of anonymous comments by someone who doesn't put their name at the bottom. Oh and by the way that person, I'm not an experienced blogger! I only started a couple years ago! I don't even have a good camera, I use my dad's. Also please stop commenting links to your sites.


  1. Hi that is a bummer! hopefully you find a free photo editing place! :)

  2. Pic Monkey stopped there free stuff? I don't know of anyother photo editiding sites. I will let you know if I find any!

  3. BeFunky is the place. They have all of the makeup tools in one box and I find it easy to operate!

  4. Isn't that a bummer?!?!? And your create-a-dolls were really good!!

  5. I know! It's annoying, yesterday I wanted to do one. I also need a new one. Please if anyone finds one, tell me.
    Check out my blog!

    1. I know! Same with me! I'm trying out BeFunky!

  6. Aw, your Create-a-Dolls rocked, to! I know, I went to make a card yesterday and could barely do anything cause now you need to pay for a lot of stuff :'(

  7. i had the same problem, here is a link to a website thats basically a copy of pinik (it called ribbit) http://www.ribbet.com/app/#/home/welcome

  8. They did?! I was using it!
    P.S. I'll try out BeFunky!

  9. Use ribbet it has premium but it is free at the moment!


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