My Wish List!!!!!!!!

Ok, this is my wish list, and just a quick note, this is a WISH list, there is no way that I would get all this stuff! My main wish this year is an AG doll. If I got one it would be off of eBay though, AG prices for shipping to Canada are HUGE!!!

1. An AG doll!
 Molly! I love her, always have always will! Plus she looks a lot like me!!!
And Emily, if I got Molly this year, I would ask for Emily next year!

Kit! I love her! I love her, her stories, and her meet outfit!

I love Ruthie! She looks so much like me, and if I got Kit this year I would ask for her next year! 
Kanani! I love how her hair looks so pretty whatever you do with it!!!

Jess! She's pretty and she's homeschooled! She looks a lot like me too!

Mia! I'll always love Mia, she's just so beautiful!!!

Julie, so pretty! And the 70s is my favorite era! I love groovy things! Plus she would be a great friend for Crissy!

Samantha! I love her, I wish they hadn't retired her! Another thing I liked about her was that she wasn't poor. I know it sounds strange but it seems like everybody else was poor, and struggling and that's what their story was based on!

 I love Felicity! But I know that I probably won't get Felicity or Samantha, because the collecters get to them before the kids do.

Necessity. :)
2. The Ski Outfit and Ski Gear!
I love it! It just looks so real!

3. Baking Table and Treats!

So real! Mini food is so cute!!!

4. Cello Set!

I love it! I also love the guitar!

5. Dog Sled and Pepper!
I LOVE the dog sled!!! I also really love Pepper! Basically I would have to have both or none.

6. Honey or Sugar!

Honey is so cute!

I love Sugar, just a little fluff ball!

7. Julie's Sound Accessories!

I ADORE THIS!!!!!! I love how you can actually record little messages on the tape player and how the record player actually plays the records!!! Crissy would love this!!! By the way Crissy's birthday is on the 24th!

8. Julie's Birthday Goodies!

SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love the rootbeer floats, grill, plates, skewers, tablecloth, and basket!!!!!!! Their just so awesome!!!

9. Julie's Roller Skates!

I love roller skates, and the stripy socks are so cute!!!

10. Julie's Banana Seat Bike!

*HEART ATTACK* This is just undescribibly wonderful!

11. Julie's Fondue Set!
Love this set!!! I love the cups and fondue pot!!!

12. Julie's Table and Chairs!

Love these chairs! I love the pretty lemon yellow against the groovy turquise!

13. Any American Girl books!

I love American Girl books!!!

14. American Girl movies!

Any American Girl movies!

15. Kit's Holiday Baking Set!

Kit's Holiday Baking Set! I love mini food!

16. Rebecca's Souviner Set!

Rebecca's Souviner Set! I love the tiny merry-go-round and the photo album!

17. Felicity's Treat Set!

COOKIES!!! Look at that huge plate of cookies! Lucky Felicity!

18. Doll Travel Set!

I love the doll play sets, I don't have one but they look like so much fun!!!

19.  American Girl Mini Dolls!

Any American Girl Mini Dolls except for Molly and Kit!

20. AG Treat Seat!
I'd really like to have a treat seat!

21.  A Build-A-Bear gift card!

I'd like to get Clarice the reindeer!

So yeah, that's what I want for Christmas! I have a post scheduled for Christmas and Christmas Eve (I'll have a special Happy Birthday Crissy post!) so you won't know what I get until Boxing Day! Then I'll do a post with lots of pictures! Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi dollygirl I want everything thing you want and I really want mags too! What is your club penguin name?

  2. Want to be friends with me? my name is aggirl2

  3. I know! I LOVE THAT BIKE! xD don't mind me being crazy over here lol

  4. Cool! I want Molly too, but I'm asking for Caroline this year. I LOVE Sugar sooooooo much!:)


  5. I got Mini Nelie She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute!, Oh by the way when I say so I tend to use lots of o's

    1. Did you get every thing you wished for?Or the most important things?

    2. Well, let's see:
      An AG: Check
      Ski Outfit: No
      Baking Table and Treats: I got a version that my family made that I like better
      Cello Set: No
      Dog Sled: No
      An AG pet: No
      Julie stuff: No
      Books: No
      Movies: No but I got two really awesome movies that aren't AG
      Kit's Holiday Baking Set: I got one my family made that I like better
      Other AG sets: No
      Doll play sets: No
      Mini dolls: No
      Treat seat: My mom made me a table and two chairs that I like way better
      Build-A-Bear gift card: I got some money from my grandparents

      I didn't get a lot of the stuff on my wishlist but I don't mind. I got so much awesome stuff! Did you get everything you wished for?

  6. I'm asking for Doll travel for my birthday! I really want Doll school as well, because it comes with little versions of real AG books!!!!!!


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