Create-A-Doll Order Form Updated Again!

I updated the Create-A-Doll form again! Now it is:
Name or Screen Name:
Doll (MAG, GOTY, Best Friend, or Historical):
If your doll has a hair accessory what color should I make it:
Freckles (I can remove them or add them):
Hair color:
Eye color:
Shirt color:
Streaks or highlights:
Hair clip and color and shape(hearts, stars, or buttons):
Lip color:
I can add hair accessories now! Just tell me if you want it and what color and shape it should be! Please order some, I love making them!


  1. Name or Screen Name:Paige
    Doll (MAG, GOTY, Best Friend, or Historical): MAG #19
    If your doll has a hair accessory what color should I make it: she doesn't have one
    Freckles (I can remove them or add them): add them
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Green
    Shirt color: Same green as the eyes
    Streaks or highlights: Blond highlights
    Hair clip and color and shape(hearts, stars, or buttons): Heart clip in green
    Lip color: Light pink
    Text: xoxo

  2. Cool! I'll definetly be ordering some more! Oh, and this is kinda off-topic, but I added you on Club Penguin! I'm Ajr114, and your username is Dollygirl, right? Cause that's the person I sent the request to. Lol! So maybe when you read this you can go on there and accept the request! :)

    1. Actually my username is Fun4me10, you tell me anytime when you want to go on!

  3. ...then, then who's Dollygirl? LOL! I sent a friend request to a totally random person! LOL!!!! Ok, I can go on... right now! 7:10 EST sound good? :) I'll send you a friend request right now, ok? :)

    1. LOL! Sorry, I just came on the computer now and it's past that, maybe tomorrow? I can do the evening and possibly the morning but not the afternoon cause I'm at the thrift shop.

  4. Ok! I can do morning tomorrow! I can't do afternoon either, and not evening because my youth group is having an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. But morning will work! Are you OK if you Google EST time to your time? Cause I don't know how CP time works, and ovbiously I'm use to EST time. How does 10:00AM EST sound? :) Ok, so here's the deets...

    Date: Tomorrow, December 12th
    Time: 10:00AM EST
    Server: Big Foot (we can change as we please)
    Place: The Coffee Shop

    My username is Ajr114, and I already sent you a buddy request :) Sound good? :)

  5. Oh, Dollygirl, I am SO SO SO SOOOOOO sorry! I slept in passed 10:00!!! I AM SOOO SORRY!!! :( :( :( can you do 11:00AM? Again, really sorry! I stayed up till midnight last night watching Pawn Stars, cause we lost track of time, and that's probably why I slept in so much. So can you do 11:00AM EST? Same place, server, ect?

  6. Hey Dollygirl, I'm actually on right now, 10:50AM EST in the server Alaska, and I will be on probably till 11:30, and probably later. So you can come on anytime then! In Alaska :) Oh, and again, I'm so sorry that I wasn't there! If I just would've set my alarm clock...

  7. Aw, I was eating lunch and getting my ugly sweater out of the washer right then! Hehe, the Ugly Sweater party is tonight! Mine is pretty bad... LOL!!! It's like tan at the top with a blue neckline that's all mishapen, and then its light brown in the middle and dark brown at the bottom with these weird puff-ball thingys and leaves and flowers. And the sleeves are like 3 different colors and have the puffball things, to. LOL!!! I can't go on anymore today, but I can go on late tomorrow! Like around night time :)


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