Create-A-Doll Order Form Updated!

Ok guys, I updated the Create-A-Doll form to this:
Name or Screen Name:
Doll (MAG, GOTY, Best Friend, or Historical):
If your doll has a hair accessory what color should I make it:
Freckles (I can remove them or add them):
Hair color:
Eye color:
Shirt color:
Streaks or highlights:
Lip color:
I can add text! I know most of you knew that but I thought I might as well put it in the order form, and now also if the doll you choose has a hair accessory like Molly's bows or Lanie's headband then I can change the color! So what are you waiting for? Go order one or two... or twenty! Also I just posted a What I Think Of on Nellie right below this so please go look at it!


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