Thrift Shop Wednesday!!!

I am going to start something called thrift shop Wednesday!!! I volunteer at a thrift shop every Wednesday afternoon for three hours (I'm homeschooled) and at the end I get to shop, so from now on every Wednesday I am going to do a post called Thrift Shop Wednesday!!! Here we go!

Today at the thrift shop I was working on toys for the afternoon and look what I found!
 An adorable 18 inch doll chair for $1!!!
I love the little patchwork pattern on the chair cover! 
 The back looks very real!
 It is so awesome!
 Abby fits in it ok but kind of sloppy.
 It fits Crissy perfectly though!
See the difference?
 I also got a Furreal bird,
an 18 inch doll recorder,
an 18 inch doll sized pack of playing cards,

 and a pink sparkly container!


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  1. You got some great bargains Dollygirl! Excellent shopping.


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