I got tagged!!!

I got an award from Delaney!!! I have to list 11 things about me, answer Delaney's questions, and think up 11 questions for the 11 bloggers I nominate. I can't nominate Delaney.

11 things about me!!!

 1. I have a passion for purple!
 2. I have two sisters.
 3. I have 2 AG mini dolls!
 4. I LOVE sour cream and onion chips!
 5. I can crochet!
 6. I am looking for an AG doll on eBay!
 7. I have dark brown hair.
 8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE horses!!!
 9. I have 5 Build-a-Bears!
 10. I am dying to see Mckenna Shoots For The Stars!

Now my answers to Delaney's questions!

1. Do you like school? Yes!
2. If you could be an AG doll, who would it be? Samantha!
3. Favorite doll? Abby! (My Springfield Collection Doll)
4. Doll on your wishlist? MAG 23#
5. Favorite doll brand? Besides AG? Maplelea
6. Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Twilight? Harry Potter!!!
7. girly or tomboy, or in between? In between!
8. Pink or Green? Green!
9. indoors or outdoors? Indoors.
10. favorite doll outfit? A green turtleneck and jeans with embroidered hearts on them.
11. Are you bored? YES! I wish something cool would happen!

And now for my questions for the bloggers that I nominate!

1. Pink or purple?
2. Doll or stuffed animal?
3. What is your favorite AG doll ever made?
4. What color is your hair?
5. Dogs or cats?
6. Whats your favorite season?
7. Queens or princesses?
8. Favorite band/singer?
9. Computer or TV?
10. Reading or doing crafts?
11. Whats your favorite food?

I nominate.......

AG Gossip Doll
 Jessie, Dakota, Asmita, and
My Froggy
Hannah and

Please answer my questions and then post the answers on your blog, list 11 things about yourself, and then nominate 11 bloggers (not me), and then ask 11 questions.


  1. LOL, this is fun Dollygirl. I'll do the questions, but I can't nominate anyone, because you're the only one I know and you already did it! Give me a couple of days to do the questions, and I'll post them on my blog.


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