Doll Room Tour!!!!!

Hey guys, today I am going to do a post on my dolls room!

These are my 18 inch dolls! Left to right: Crissy, Abby, and Crystal.
The beds! Left to right: Abby's, Crystal's, and Crissy's.
The living room!
The clothes and accessories!
To make a doll bed you take a box lid put your bedding inside and its done!
I picked up this doll trunk at the thrift shop a little while ago!
I use it for storing all of Crissy's stuff. (Crissy doesn't wear exactly the same size as my other
dolls so I keep her clothes separate.) 
And this is what I did with that pink container!
Doll accessories!!!
Shoes! I got the crates from a rummage sale a year ago but they were an ugly color
 so my dad spray painted them!
A big canvas bin holds Abby and Crystal's clothes and hats!
My mom made me this doll couch!
Remember this chair?

The table is just a container with a piece of fabric draped over it. The mugs I got from
a vending machine and the Kool-Aid is a keychain.

I cut this mini calender out of the back of an old calender.
Abby is discussing some decorating ideas with Crissy and Crystal!

I hope you liked my dolls house! Comment and tell me which room you liked better the bedroom or the living room, also tell me what furniture item was your favorite!


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  1. Great use of your imagination Dollygirl! Tell your mom I like the couch too. You're so well orgainzed. I have a Crissy doll too and she is a lot of fun to play with. My favorite part is how you made each bed so cozy and individual for each doll. Great Job!


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