The Dollscars-A Photo Story!!!

Hi guys! In honor if the Oscars I decided to do a photo story! This story mainly focuses on Scarlett (my now named thrift store doll, but don't worry! If you commented a name it still might be used, as I am still deciding on her middle name! Oh, and if you are new to this blog Scarlett is the doll who is slightly taller then the other dolls.). Also, you will be seeing my new Lord of The Rings loving doll in this post, and just so you know, I will have a post up about her soon! And also, she will have a LOTR name, but for this post her name is Adalaide Granger. But, before we start: All photos are taken by me, and belong to me. DO NOT steal them. Please do not copy anything in this post (the name, the words, the photo setting, and the idea). Thank you. Now, on to The Dollscars!!!! :)

Scarlett walked down the red carpet at the Dollscars. Cameras were flashing all around her, it was so exciting! She had been nominated for Best Actress.

A girl stopped her at the end. She had a camera and was recording herself with a cell phone.
Abby-Hello, and welcome to the Dollscars! It's so thrilling to finally meet the wonderful new actress who just plunged into the scene! My name is Abby, and I write for the magazine "Doll Beat". May I interview you?

Scarlett-Of course!
Abby-Great! So Scarlett, what was your first reaction when you heard you had been nominated?
Scarlett-Well Abby, I jumped around the house like crazy!
Abby-Erm, alright then! And what did you do after you, ah, stopped "jumping around the house"?
Scarlett-I ran to pick out my outfit for the awards ceremony! 
Abby-Lovely, OK, thank you very much! Good luck!

Scarlett moved into the main room, and spotted a girl waving a sign with her face on it. She grinned, and made her way over to her.

Taryn-Ohmigoodness!!!!! I'm Taryn, your absolute biggest fan!!!! I entered a contest, and got to come and meet you!!!
Scarlett-Well, thank you! I'm very flattered by your enthusiasm! Have a nice evening!

Scarlett returned to the red carpet to watch the other stars come in. She was just in time to see Samantha Parkington come in!

Abby-Samantha! So lovely to see you again!
Samantha-Abby, how are you?
Abby-I'm fine! How does it feel to be nominated again for Best Supporting Actress?
Samantha-Wonderful! It's nice to know that I have so many loyal fans!

Then Kit Kittredge entered.

Abby-Hello there! I'm Abby, and I write for "Doll Beat"! How are you today, Margaret?

Kit-Oh, hello! I am fine, but please, call me Kit!
Abby-Will do! Are you excited to be nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling?
Kit-I am! I always fooled around with my own hair but I never dreamed it could come to this!
Abby-Thank you very much, good luck!
Kit-Thank you.

Next the new star Adalaide Granger came in!

Abby-Hello! I'm Abby, and I write for "Doll Beat"!
Abby-How do you feel to be here tonight?
Adalaide-It's a dream come true for me!
Abby-Well, it looks like the ceremony is starting! See you inside!

Crissy-Hello and welcome to the Dollscars, 2014!!!

Scarlett noticed a camouflaged paparazzi girl standing in the shadows, her camera in her hands.

She glanced at the awards, they were gorgeous! There was Best Actress, Best Dressed, and Best Hairstyle!

Crissy-Thank you all for coming tonight. It is a real honor for me to get to host the Dollscars! 

The four girls got into their places.

Crissy-Now, let's get to my favorite part...the awards! First up we have Best Dressed!

Abby-Ooh, this is so exciting!

Scarlett glanced down at her outfit, she was wearing a long paisley print gown with a brown sash, a messy bun, and pink sparkly shoes.

Samantha had on a long pink gown with a tulle overlay and a white bow.

Adalaide was wearing a sparkly blue and black gown.

Kit was wearing an orange tiered dress with criss-crossing strips of sequins.

Crissy-Just let me get the award!

Crissy-Here we are! And this years Best Dressed award goes to...

Crissy-Kit Kittredge!!! Kit, please join me on stage!

Kit-Thank you so much! This is such an honor!

Crissy-No problem, congratulations! 

Kit returned to her seat with a look of happiness on her face.

Crissy stepped back up to the microphone, another trophy in her hand.

It was a gorgeous blue one.

Crissy-I am pleased to announce that the Best Hairstyle trophy goes to...

Crissy-Samantha Parkington!!! Samantha, please come up!

As Samantha came up on stage, Scarlett noticed that she was wearing tennis shoes with her ballgown.

Abby sucked in her breath.
Abby-Ooh, we have a new trend! I just know EVERYONE will be wearing tennis shoes with ball gowns now!!!

Samantha-Thank you so much!
Crissy-Congrats Samantha!

Samantha returned to her seat.

Crissy-And now, the moment you have all been waiting for...

Crissy-...the winner of the Best Actress award...

Crissy-...and it goes to...


Crissy-Come up on stage, Scarlett!

As Crissy handed her the trophy Scarlett felt like she was going to faint!

Scarlett-Thank you so much! This is the best day ever!

Taryn-Woohoo! Go Scarlett, go Scarlett, YEAH!!!

Scarlett shook Crissy's hand, and then left the stage.

Next, she had to pose for a photo with Kit and Samantha, the other trophy winners.

Scarlett-Hold on!

Scarlett-Adalaide, would you like to be in the photo?
Adalaide-Yes! Thank you!

They all posed happily.

And then they took a group photo. They would all always remember this awesome day!

The End! Did you guys like it?

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