I'm Sorry...

Hey guys. Listen, I'm really sorry that lately I've been being such a bad blogger...I was tagged but I haven't done it yet, I haven't posted the Question and Answer yet, I haven't announced the giveaway winners yet. And I have all these photos that are all stored on my computer, just waiting to be posted. I have pictures of Taryn's room, Camp Doll Diaries pictures, and I have countless ideas for photos to take...I just don't feel like doing them. Do you guys have any ideas, inspirational quotes, anything to help me get back in the swing of blogging? I tried making a blogging calendar, but that didn't work. I tried putting up little post it notes in my room to remind me to post things, but it's just not working. I've got so many things I want to do on my blog, and plenty of free time, but I just don't feel like doing them. I won't quit, so don't worry, but I don't feel like taking a break. Whenever I take a break I look at other people, who are posting constantly and I think "I should be doing that." I definitely don't want to quit, but I feel like this blog just isn't fitting me anymore. Should I change the name? I named this blog Dollygirl's Treasures in the first place because I wanted to post about more then dolls and toys. Now , that's pretty much all I post about. I'm fine with that, but the whole "Treasures" thing I'm not so sure about. Also, well, my name. Dollygirl is awesome, but soooo many people are using similar names, and well, I came up with it, and now there's people with names that are almost exactly the same. I wanted Dollygirl because it was unique, different, and NOBODY had it. Now people everywhere have names that are close to mine or almost identical to mine. Anyways, I need some inspiration and motivation. Please comment below


  1. Don't worry. Your especcially super unique, Dollygirl! Don't let other people get you down.

    ~Mika ;)

  2. First, read the Spicy's "How to Fall in Love With Your Blog Again!" post. That really helped me! Plus, just post when you feel like it, and don't worry what anyone thinks. You'll find your voice again, and when you do, your followers will be here for you. Good luck!

  3. Awe! Poor DollyGirl! I get that way too. But usually about different things. For example-I love to write and I literally do it all the time. Usually about 60 pages into the story I start to doubt it. I read other people's books and think, "their book is amazing and mine is well...not." or I just get bored of it and start a new one. Your blog though is cute and awesome! You don't have to post all the time even if you have the time! This blog is yours and you can post whenever and whatever you feel like!

    there's no point in posting a lot if you don't feel like it. It's supposed to be a fun experience! :)

  4. Don't worry, lots of times I took breaks from my blogs too! You just started school again and are making lots of changes in your life schedule. Just wait until you feel like it again and then start with a short post or a cute photo. :)

  5. Hi Dollygirl!
    You've been awarded the elegant blogger award. At


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