3-in-1 Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I posted! And I just realized I haven't posted the last three Thrift Store Wednesday (by the way, if I don't post Thrift Store Wednesday, it either means I didn't get anything, or I got something totally awesome that I can't put down that I will post about eventually)! So, for Thrift Store Wednesday May 22 I got...

10 AG BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, you heard me right, I got 10 AG BOOKS!!!! I got:

Meet Julie
Meet Rebecca
Rebecca and Ana
Aloha, Kanani
Good Job, Kanani
Meet Felicity
A Felicity Mystery: Peril At King's Creek

And three Innerstar University over 20 endings books:
A Girl's Best Friend
Into the Spotlight
Fork in the Trail

The books were 50 cents each!

By the next day I had read them all xD

And for Thrift Store Wednesday May 29 I got:

This doll trunk (not my photo)!!! I already have one of these, but they come in SO handy for storing doll clothes! And since the dolls are going to Camp Doll Diaries (post to come on that soon), it will come in very handy for packing!

And for Thrift Store Wednesday June 5 (yesterday) I got:

This Only Hearts Club doll, Lily Rose! Except she's wearing jeans and a green long-sleeved shirt! And she didn't come with shoes or her dog. I love these dolls, they're so realistic and pretty and poseable! I have her, Anna Sophia, and one of the little kid dolls who was originally named Kristy or something but I re-named her Daphne! Tell me if you want to see a post on them!

I also got two other dolls about the same size as Bratz dolls (but they have nicer faces) because they were in the same bag (at the thrift store where I volunteer they put a lot of the toys in little bags) as Lily Rose, and I couldn't get her without getting them (by the way, the whole bag was $2!). I'm not sure if I'm going to keep them or not. One looks like me, she has wavy dark brown hair, and the other one has light blond crimped hair. What do you guys think? Should I keep both of them? Keep one of them? Send them both back to the thrift store? They are pretty, but I don't know. Please comment with suggestions!

And I also got...

These pink Build-A-Bear gem sandals (not my photo)! I also got a pink Build-A-Bear shirt!

Well, that's it for the 3-in-1 Thrift Store Wednesday post! I hope you liked it I'll post again really soon! I promise!


  1. So cool! Coool finds!

  2. You have such good luck at thrift stores!

  3. If you find the ag books you should look around for the dolls too. You never know what you might find! -Ava

    1. I tried looking, but there were none in the toys area, and that day they didn't let me price toys, so I couldn't check the unpriced toys. I'm still hoping to find one someday, though! :)

  4. That's cool. I like looking for doll stuff at thrift stores too.

    1. Yeah! It's so much fun! Thanks for following! :D

  5. I absolutely LOVE the doll trunk! I really really want one for Melody! Do you know how much they are new?

    1. Well, they come with a fancy porcelain doll, and some clothes for her! Mine didn't come with a doll, but I'd say they'd be about $20-$30 dollars new!

    2. Right, I thought they were made for 18-inch dolls, or is this a different one?

    3. I wish I had that many american girl books, a couple of my sisters have like one each, meet samantha, and the fork in the trail, and I've got one, "oodles of horses" and "The care and keeping of you" between us older girls, and I really want more! Are the Rebecca books good? I haven't read any of them.


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