Abby's Camping Trip!!!

Hey really sorry I haven't posted for a long time but I've been really busy! Today I'm doing a post on a doll campsite I did a while ago. I'm going to tell you how I made and where I got everything!

That is my Springfield doll Abby in an outfit my mom made her, the tent is a blanket draped over a chair!

Here is a closeup of Abby.

Here is the sleeping-bag made by my mom (deweystreehouse.blogspot.com) out of an old sweater.

This is what I'm using for Abby's trunk, it's a dollar store container with Webkinz stickers on it!

This is Abby's pillow, to make it just take two pieces of fabric and glue or sew them together then stuff it.

This is Abby's doll Katie, she's a Mcdonalds toy.

These are Abby's books (sorry the picture is a little blurry) I got them with some American Girl minidolls.

This is Abby's campfire, I made it with some twigs and a tea-light wrapped in yarn.

This is Abby's bag I made it by just sewing together a long strip of fabric then I sewed on handles.

This is Abby's lantern, I made it by taking a tea-light, taping a clear container to it, and taping on some ribbon.

And once you arrange it all it should look something like this!

Well thats it for today, till next time.....


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